Sunday, June 29, 2003

Foundations of the Spiritual Path [part 1]

By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq
Translated by Hamza Yusuf

The noble scholar, the unique of his age, the regulator of the scholars and saints, Sidi Ahmad Zarruq al-Barnusi al-Fasi, may Allah be pleased with him, wrote the following:

If anyone is asked about the foundations of his path, he should reply,
The foundations of our path are five:
-Taqwa-mindfulness of Allah, privately and punlicly
-Adherence to the Sunnah in word and deed
-Indifference tp wheter others accept or reject one
-Contentment with Allah in times of both hardship and ease
-Turning to Allah in prosperity and adversity
The realization of mindfulness of Allah is through scrupulousness and uprightness. The realization of adherence to the Sunnah is through caution and excellent character. The realization of indifference to others' acceptance or rejection is through patience and trust in Allah. The realization of contentment is through acceptance of what one is given and turning over the management of one's affairs to Allah. The realization of turning back to Allah is through praise and gratitude in times of prosperity and taking refuge in Him in times of affliction.

The foundations of the preceding five are in the following five:
-Exakted aspirations
-Maintaining Allah's reverence
-Expendng oneself in excellent service of others
-Fulfilling one's resolves
-Magnifying one's blessings
He whose aspirations are exalted is raised in rank. He who preserves the reverence of Allah, Allah maintains his respect. He whose service is for others is ennobled by it. He who does that which he resolves to do is assured continual guidance. He who deems blessings to be great by his own eye has shown gratitude. And he who is grateful ensures an increase in blessings from the Give of gifts according to the promise of the Truthful one.

InshaAllah,To be continued.....