Saturday, February 02, 2008


I have lots of reasons to thank Allah today. From the O2 that goes into my lungs to my fingers that are clicking on the keyboard right now.

Sometimes Allah gave us 'problems' and trials to go through. So, we might went through hard times, worried about things, or felt sad and blue. Some might cried, protested, fought, or just gave in. All of these were making us stronger or might I say, wiser, by learning through these experiences. If life was just smooth and silky, we might forgot to return to Allah and gave thank to Him. We would become the most forgetful servants and have the weakest hearts.

These past few days have reminded me of Allah's mercy and greatness. It's very easy and simple for Him to turn things around. A belonging that was lost, was found. Some things that seemed impossible were made possible, one process that i thought would take too long was done in no time.

How could I worried too much about things when I can always return to Allah and ask for His help?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the luxury of having a free time(read:all the time and space just for oneself) is quite rare lately. Now, I can really appreciate the advise of 'use your spare time wisely before u get busy'(sounded like this more or less).

As I am writing this down(after several breaks and trials), I still have other tasks to do.In other words, I have to do several things concurrently. No more free time :).

Maybe writing is an easy thing to do if it is the only thing to be done at one time. However, writing can be nearly impossible if it has to be done between many other things, or during those short seconds before running to the next, waiting task.

So, people, be grateful enough if you have the wonderful opportunity to sit down all by yourself and write without interruptions! It's a blessing :)

Btw, dont get me wrong. I am very grateful that I am a 'busy' woman (read:daughter,student,wife, and mother). I've got to do lots of things in a very short time. I've become more effective in time management. So, believe that Allah has created everything for a purpose. No matter how things go, there are always good things come with them.

So, believe and give thanks to Allah :)