Friday, April 13, 2007


Did you aware that people with bad attentions can fabricate thousands of bad stories about someone? They don’t even care who it is they’ve slandered and what the consequences are. For these bad people, the worse the effects to that slandered person the better it is for them. If they managed to ruin the slandered person’s life and reputation, they will be happy. Regardless the punishment they’ll get in the hereafter, they don’t care. The thing most matter to them is to ruin the life of innocent people.

How bad it is. From the time of the Prophet up to this day, this group of people still continues to be around. Allah has given a stern warning about the seriousness of slander in the Qur’an, but people tend to ignore it and don’t take any lessons from it.

The story of our beloved mother, Aisha RA, the wife of our beloved Prophet Muhammad is indeed a lesson to remember. Even the noblest family of our prophet was a victim of slander. It’s very important not to pass a fabricated story.

However, if such trial befalls on us, follow the examples of the Prophet Muhammad and his family. They faced the situation intelligently and calmly, putting the matter in the Hands of Allah. “If you’re steadfast and observe taqwa, then their schemes can never harm you.”(3:120)