Tuesday, April 05, 2005

:: There's no such an 'easy question' ::

A friend of mine always asked me at the beginning of our conversation, "How's your iman and dakwah today?". Each time she asked me this, it took me few moments before I could answer her back. And most of the times I was not answering her question.

Why is it so hard for me to answer this question?

May be it's because I wasnt paying attention to my qalb on that day, and because of that my polluted qalb couldnt taste the sweetness of iman. And I was so ashamed to tell her that my iman was in a very grave condition.

Dakwah? It's an obligation, but I've failed to give it my top priority. I have lots of time to do other things, which sometimes were totally useless. I gave a whole lot of excuses a.k.a lies: people dont want to listen to me, they dont like the halaqahs, etc made me down, giving the whole opportunity for shaytan to deceive me.
And I was so ashamed to tell the truth, my dakwah was hibernating.

Its pretty common to be ashamed in front of people, but the other way around in front of Allah Ta'ala ... =(
kalaulah ...

Kayu kalau terbakar
jadi kayu yang terbakar
lepas tu jadi arang
tak pun jadi abu

Cell kalau rosak
jadi cancerous cell
lepas tu rosak
tak pun mati

makanan kalau terbiar
jadi makanan basi
lepas tu busuk
tak pun berkulat

ozon kalau dah bocor
jadi pemanasan global
lepas tu glacier cair
tak pun manusia dapat skin cancer

orang kalau dah malas
jadi manusia malas
lepas tu tak kerja
tak pun nyusahkan orang lain

Muslim kalau dah tak practice
jadi macam bukan Islam
lepas tu tak kisah hukum
tak pun tak sedar diri

Dosa kalau dah menimbun
jadi aktiviti harian
lepas tu makin bertambah
tak pun tak pernah taubat