Wednesday, October 08, 2008


dua topik dekat di hati:

1-Puasa Enam 6 Hari di bulan Syawal

mungkin ada yang sudah menyempurnakannya, mungkin ada yang masih tengah berpuasa, mungkin juga ada yang belum bermula..banyak jemputan jamuan raya barangkali?
a.k.a banyak makan..heh...tapi, masih belum terlambat untuk memulakan hari pertama :) inshaAllaah

2-Rasulullaah salallaahu a'layhi wa salam

sirah sirah, ramai kata sejarah boring..tapi mungkin itu khas untuk sejarah negara, dunia, etc.

sirah / sejarah / biografi Rasulullaah salallaahu a'layhi wa salam adalah tersendiri..tak pernah rasa bosan, timbul kecintaan :)
ambil langkah belajar atau review balik sirah Rasulullaah salallaahu a'layhi wa salam..inshaAllaah..joM =) !

Tuesday, October 07, 2008



post Ramadhan: what do I do?

I like this, and would like to share it with you.

As salamu alaykum ,
Here is a Quran review technique that I think you'll find
especially helpful post Ramadan.

How to Maintain Memorized Quran
By Muhammad Alshareef, courtesy of

Ramadan is the month of Quran. Many start the month off
with lofty Quran reading and memorization goals, and many
hit what they intended DURING Ramadan.

Maintaining consistency after Ramadan, however, is an
entirely different story.

The Shaytans are out and about, daily routines start
obstructing us once again. And the Quran, "respectfully"
returns to our shelves. Sure we feel guilty, but guilt is
not the greatest of motivators.

You need tried and proven routes to capture your
post-Ramadan Quran reading and memorization and review

Here is my favorite:
Re-memorize Quran you have trouble remembering, and recite
it every Salah chance you get for the entire day.

Step 1: Lets say you have 1 Juz' memorized (equivalent of
about 20 pages).
Step 2: Take 1/2 a page of those 20 pages
and RE-memorize it today.
Step 3: Recite that 1 page in your prayers all day long.

There are certain Surahs that you know like the back of
your hand, like Surat AlFatiha, Qul Huwal Allahu Ahad, for
instance. Why do you know them so well? Cause you read
them, like, ALL THE TIME in Salah.

If you use this technique I'm talking about here, these new
Quran pages can become just as strong, in sha Allah.

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
- Muhammad Alshareef