Tuesday, February 10, 2004

epidermis :- immediate importance for control infection and water loss.
dermis :- mechanical strength (pliability, elasticity and tensile strength)
subcutaneous fat layer:- energy store, insulation, allow mobility of skin over underlying structures.

what are these layers of skin have anything to do with tazkiyyatun nafs?
Tunggu.................... =)
dah sekian lama meninggalkan medan "penulisan" ini. I think journal on paper will work for me, but it didnt. I stopped writing after just a few entries.

Just read 'bout, keazaman yang rendah membuka ruang kepada shaytan untuk "memikat" kita kembali kepada dosa dan ma'asi. I think that's what happening every now and then. Jatuh dan bangun dan kemudian jatuh lagi bangun lagi dan jatuh dan jatuh dan jatuh......bangun? may be not bcoz a new loser has just been found.

Are we born as losers? Do we spent our lives just to be losers? Nay, I dont think so!
Ibtila' dalam kehidupan hadir setiap hari bak matahari yang akan terbit setiap pagi, biiznillah. If we ever get bored or tired to fight, ibtila' will defeat us. Losers die before death come.