Tuesday, May 17, 2011


oul you guss whih lttrs ar missing hr?
My laptop kyboar is mss up an thr ar som lttrs whih ar not going to show up hr

is it just lik this in lif?
w think it is okay to lav out som things thinking that thy wouln't fft th whol pitur
but as you just might hav noti, ths 'small' forgottn things i atually mss up th whol thing!

Just som xampls,
Not waring hijaab
Not prforming solat
Not paying zakat
Not going to masji(for mals ya!)
an all thos iffrnt things that w somhow think that thy ar not that important an w an still surviv an still an b a Muslim! Hllo???

Monday, May 16, 2011


Along the way
Sometimes I couldn't avoid hurting others' feelings
Was just being me and being human

Along the way
Most people would not want to understand
or accept you the way you are
You are as what they expect you to be
Perfect, flawless and unhuman

Ironic as it seems
but it is the real, hard truth

As much as I dont understand others
They dont understand me as much either
It is a neverending loop

Me with my expectations
and them with theirs

perfect imperfection