Sunday, September 29, 2013

judge or empathize?


Have you came across a video on youtube where a father was performing solat while patiently enduring his toddler son's 'interruptions'? What do you think happens when it was posted in facebook?

It is pretty interesting how people look at the video differently. It is not in anyway saying that anyone is wrong in his/her judgement or s/he should not comment like that, etc. It is just we can learn from people reactions and take the best lesson that can be extracted from this.

Comment 1: Aww, that's so cute!
Comment 2: Awesome father, very patient.
Comment 3: Isn't it nullified his prayer?
Comment 4: No, he has not done anything wrong because he did not make any 'major' moves thrice
Comment 5: He should just stop praying, teach his son to behave, and then go back to pray with khusyuk. He is not RASULULLAH, so he can surely can do that, insyaallah.