Friday, January 29, 2010


a very long one :)...

we went back to Malaysia, and the 'nomad' helped us with the huge, heavy boxes. He told us that he was sad because Fazrul was leaving. No one will care about him anymore :( .We hope that he will have a better life in the future, and embrace Islam as a way of life inshaAllah.

Today, I am sitting in the lab while the others are at the hospital. A student in the lab was involved in an accident and had blood clots in the brain. She was on the life machine in the ICU, and today she was confirmed brain-dead. They took off the machine at 300pm. I do not know the student personally because I have just joined the lab, and she was in the ICU a few weeks already.

The athmosphere is gloomy and it is raining outside :(

Life and its sudden stops and breaks, laughter and tears within, colors of the rainbow and the gloomy rainy days.

Take a deep breath, say du'a, and lets move on.