Friday, August 08, 2008


Alhamdulillaah, summer has been so wonderful. Still has a month or so before Fall comes. AND it's less than a month for Muslims to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadhan. AND yes, I am far behind others who have started talking about Ramadhan a while ago, not to mention the earlier generations who had started reminding each other about Ramadhan as soon as Ramadhan ended.
Ya Allah, make me among those who are blessed to be with Ramadhan again this year, and those who You gives the strength and opportunity to make the best use of the holy month.

Olympic has just begun in China, people are celebrating and competing. It's the game in this world. Everybody wants to win a Gold medal and break the world's records, the highest reward, satisfaction, and achievement for sportsmen. These sportsmen and women have been training rigorously all year long for the game to make sure they are fit enough, have all the vital skills and strength to win their games.

Would not it be so wonderful if we,Muslims, take Ramadhan more seriously than the sportsmen treat their Olympic games? To win the best of rewards(much much much better than Olympics medals) in this dunya and the hereafter. I wish I had done so myself, but the truth is often never even close to the ideals.