Friday, February 08, 2008


Having a certificate does not necessarily means one is knowledgeable...

I am quoting Dr. Asri here. He said that many students treat their education at higher learning institutes as a mean to get jobs after graduation. This includes students in the field of Islamic knowledge i.e syariah, arabic, etc. Students no longer going after the knowledge, but they are after decent or even easy jobs with handsome pay. Thus, having a degree or a certificate does not necessarily mean a person is knowledgeable in his/her field anymore.

Alhamdulillah I've the chance to listen to a small part of Dr. Asri's talk this afternoon as my husband opened the online video. I have just started my MS degree and I think this is a good reminder to me to get as much of knowledge as I can while I am here, to go after the knowledge and not after the rewards. It's true that securing a job is important for all of us, but it cannot be everything and the only thing in mind.

This can be a good reminder to all of us. It's important to set aside material things for more important and noble matters. knowledge is sacred and will be beneficial if its practiced and utilized properly. Money is only for the dunya and we'll never feel enough of it until we die. Money keeps us busy and worry while knowledge can lead us to contentment and happiness both in this life and the hereafter.

p/s: student for life!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


How are you doing today? Thank you for stopping by and reading my entries in this blog. Jazakallahu khaeer. May you'll gain some benefits from your time spent here.

It's super tuesday here in California and for the other 23 states in America. People are going out and voting for their candidates. These people are hoping to vote for the best person to become their representative who'll hear their voices.

speaking about leaders whom we can trust and rely on...
hundreds of years ago, great leaders were born under the great leadership of prophet Muhamad who's a messenger to the mankind. people were blessed under their leadership and guidance. people looked very highly at their leaders as the leaders did their best to fulfil their responsibilities. The leaders never took the positions as ways of getting fame and wealth, but they took the positions as a fulfillment of their obligation to God.

those people are the best people and they deserved great and noble leaderships.
it's all happened in the history, and how about us?who are our leaders? and who are we?

think as the clock's ticking...

Sunday, February 03, 2008


What is a late fee? well, usually it is a fee/fine that's imposed if we pay or submit something over its due date. For example, the monthly rent should be paid no later than the 3rd of each month. Failure to do so will cause in a late fee of USD75.(lots of money!Nupac is so very expensive!)

What if Allah set late fee for everything that we done out of its preset timing? Say, if Fajr is on 5am, and after 510am, there would be a USD1 late fee, and there was late fee for every delayed prayer.

How much would we owe to Allah? (Btw, there's 'pahala' reduction for every delayed prayer. But since its not physical and we cant see the effects right away, people often take it lightly). Let's call it the fee for procrastination. Can we afford it? What if someone's not praying at all? doesnt he/she deserve more severe punishment for that?

p/s:procrastination often brings troubles!

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