Saturday, December 04, 2004

:: Quran ::
15:2 (Al-Hijr - The Rocky Tract)

How much will those who disbelieved desire that they were muslims
[ .. - this will be on the Day of Resurrection when they will see the disbelievers going to Hell and the Muslims going to Paradise]
At the time of Rasulullah, there was a Jew boy who love to be with Rasulullah and help him SAW with daily chores. One day, this boy became very sick and Rasulullah (pbuh) visited him. At the boy's death bed, Rasulullah invited him to Islam. The boy, who was a very good and obedient son, asked the permission of his father to become muslim. His father allowed him to follow Rasulullah. Finally, the boy said shahadah and died as a muslim.
Dear friends, why would you think Rasulullah wanted this boy to become Muslim? The boy was about to die and would not live longer to be with Rasulullah and to worship Allah. The answer is no other than to die as a Muslim who testifies the oneness of Allah Ta'ala and the prophethood of Rasulullah: the biggest event ever in one's life!
Today, we all should be extremely happy that we are Muslims. Just imagine, the moment after we have just finished the last paper in the final: we were very relieved and for a second or two, forgot all the tiredness due to our sleepless nights during the final week. However, this relief is not even a comparison to our joys of being muslims! If we look back at the verse above, you can imagine how thankful, proud and happy the Muslims will be on the day of judgement to enter the Jannah of Allah with HIS forgiveness, while the disbelievers are in vain and regrets.

>> to be continued insha Allah

Friday, December 03, 2004

:: Tulis -tulis ::

Thursday, December 02, 2004

:: If I am a full time worker .. ::
Awak keje tak?
Erm .... haah
Keje aper?
Part time jer ... kat lab
Owh..erm....bape jam seminggu?
Sikit jer .. dalam 10 jam. Itupun kalau aku rajin

Haah..naper? Awak nak keje gak ker?
Erm...takdelah..tak larat kot
Abis tuh?
Tak..tadi kat masjid imam ada cakap pasal part time, full time ni
Ape die?

Imam suh kite reflect balik diri kita..kita ni muslims part time ker muslims full time..
Ehehe...tricky soklan tuh

Erm...tulah pasal..aku asyik terfikir jer pasal kita ni betul-betul serius atau tak dalam menjaga agama...
Sebab kadang-kadang, kita jadi muslims part time jer. 5 kali sehari. Lain dari tuh, kita pun tak pasti identiti aqidah kite.
Aduish .... kena jadi muslims full time nih..

Ehehe...tak boleh jugak. Sebab kalau orang kerja full time pun, paling lama kerja dari pukul 8 pagi sampai 5 petang, isnin sampai jumaat. Kalau kita nak jadi muslims full time...parah jugak tuh...
Apsal lak?

Cuba fikir...kalau jadi muslims setakat full time jer...kite hanya akan jadi muslims siang hari jer...masa bersama-sama kawan. Isnin sampai jumaat. Malam hari dan weekends kita rehat sekejap dari jadi muslims. Sedih betulla kalau macam tu...
Ermm...betul gak tuh. Habis tu macam mana?

Well, imam kata..jadilah Muslims kini dan selamanya..Tiap saat kita kena jadi muslims. Maknanya, setiap perkataan, perlakuan, dan pendek kata 101% aspek hidup kita kenalah sebagai muslims...
Betul gak...kalau tak macam mana kita nak cita-cita mati dalam keadaan Islam kan....

Haah...sebab Allah kata wala tamutunna ILLA wa antum muslimun..Janganlah kamu mati melainkan dalam keadaan muslim.....dan kita tak tahu bila turn kita.
Okes...meh sedia payung sebelum hujan. Btw, nak keluar nanti jangan lupa bawa payung sbb kat luar tengah hujan lebat tuh =)


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

:: MUKTAMAR 2004 - KanKaKee IL ::
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Fee for Student : $100
Misc : Brothers yg nak jd cook will get the fee waived