Saturday, October 18, 2008


computer programming
tough when one does not know what is wrong
the codes look alright
but the error message comes out whenever s/he hits the run button

Will life be just as tough,
when we feel and look okay
when we do not realize that we make mistakes
but somehow, the 'error message' shows up

when the heart is sick
when committing sins were not followed with repentance
when we do not realize hearts are badly injured and suffering
we just do not feel it inside
but somehow we commit more sins
and less good deeds
and less tranquility

of course we will need to learn more
to understand which and why
to identify and rectify

A'fwan, it is common when people seldom blog when they are busy with other things i.e work, school, family, etc =), so do I.

Monday, October 13, 2008


let's review facts from seerah :)

Rasulullaah salallaahu a'layhi wa salam first 4 projects in Madinah: