Sunday, October 17, 2004

Syaikh Mukhtar Maghroui
Dhunoob : disobedience, maasiah
Dakwah is about correcting others. If someone is not ikhlaas in correcting himself/herself, the fruits of the dakwah is bitter. This is a consequence of dhunoob.

The relationship of one civilazation with one another is intertwined w/ maasiah.
Evil is rejected in the divine presence.
Adam and hawa, and the people of Nuh as a nation, Aad, Tsamud, the people of Luth, Firaun and his people, the children of Bani Israel are punished because of their dhunoob
Allah will do the same to us if we do dhunoob. Allah will unleash the same forces which were unleashed on the previous nations if maasiah prevail.
Industrial, economic power,military : men are making themselves as ends not as means.

+ Ya Muhajirun, say to them if 5 matters occur among you, and I seak refuge of Allah ta'ala if you in your time witness these. Whenever fahisya (sexual promiscuity/zina =sexual incounter outside marriage) appears to such extent that it is practiced openly, epidemic and diseases that do not exist in the previous generations, and whenever people cheat and violate the scaling, disasters : moral detoriation ,economic hardships, unleashing of the unjust might of rulers, punishment on the whole nation, and when the rulers among them did not lead by the book of ALlah, then ALlah will unleash their mutual mights against each other (between internal citizens, sisters nation), it is He Allah ta'ala who is able and has the power to deliver punishment from below you, from above you, and Allah will divide by genders between you, and then taste the might of one another.

+Al-hudaybiyah : the son Suhayl Ibn Amr, the son of musyrik who signed the treaty with RAsulullah came to the tent and embraced Islam... Suhayl got anger and slapped and beat his son. Rasulullah said, "please give him to me, we havent sign the treaty" and Suhayl said, "No!" (3 times). rasulullah s.a.w looked at the son and said, "I am sorry, I have given them my words and I have to keep my words. "The son said, "what? you are giving me back to them? They're going to turn me away from my deen?" Rasulullah said, "go and Allah will find a way for you."

+ Allah wants to keep us from this maasiah, for us, to maximize our happiness not for HIM because He Ta'ala is ever competence. There's nothing that Allah orders us except that's beneficial to us. There's nothing that Allah forbids except that which is harmful to us.
+ In us, we have nafs. If we were left with ourselves, we'll hurt ourselves. That's why Allah sent down prophets to guide us to the real happiness.

+ Ask Allah for the strength of taubah for all the mistakes that keep us distance from Allah ta'ala.

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