Friday, November 19, 2004

::Wa Nalqa' Al-Ahibba'::

:Muhammad the Conqueror:
His start was a small dream that compelled him through the encouragement of his tutor who planted in him an aspiration, ever since he was ten years old. This aspiration was that he could be the one in whom the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Constantinople shall be conquered, its commander shall be the best commander ever and his army shall be the best army ever.” So his tutor used to tell him: “Why couldn’t this person be you Muhammad?”

The commander, hence, started preparing himself for this mission… He used to ride his horse venturing into the sea until the water would almost reach the bridle of the horse. Little by little he used to come closer to the fortified walls of Constantinople and yell at the top of his lungs, as if addressing Allah’s messenger, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): “I will be that person.”

He then got back to learn the art of management, the art of governing and the art of war… He mastered 6 languages and kept increasing to his experience… He had this target in front of his eyes.

Then when he became 21 years old, he conquered Constantinople.

~see, isn't it great to be a muslim =)?

Thanks to AmrKhaled

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