Saturday, February 12, 2005

~:: Shame-Modesty ::~

"Haya' before Allah prevents us from doing wrong.
If we lost it, not only we become corrupted, we also corrupt others." (Imam Hamza Yusuf)

If we lost haya', we'll commit ma'asiah without feeling guilty nor shame before Allah
We'll drag others to be with us
Committing wrongdoings
We'll no longer feeling guilty nor shame to inflict the same disease on others

A good servant of Allah
is a good friend to others
With his haya'
He will teach others to have the haya' too
He will spread goodness
Manifested via his haya' before Allah

~endangered species ->> haya'

Looking into myself, searching for a glimpse of haya'
Not before human beings
But before Allah Azzawajall

Looking into myself, for which one is dearer
or Obedience

Looking into myself, for which one is more beloved
or Jannatul Firdaws

Looking into myself, searching for heroes
Artists and famous figures
or Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa salam and sahabah radiallahu anhum ajmain

[ haya' is an endangered species nowadays. Do we still preserve it deep inside of our hearts?]

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