Saturday, March 12, 2005


One day, a young girl asked her father,
"Oh my dear father, do you love me?"
The father smiled and answered,
"You're the sunshine of my life. Of course I love you deeply"
The young girl asked again,
"What do you want me to be when I grew up?"
The father answered,
" I just want you to be a good daughter of mine"
Curious, the young girl asked another question,
"What a good daughter should do?"
The father still smiling, answered,
"Perform solat, take care of her parents when they're old, and make du'a for them when they're gone"
The little girl thought for a few seconds and said,
"Then, you are not a good son. I never saw you perform solat and pray for the late grandpa"

Lesson~practice what you preach.

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