Sunday, November 05, 2006


25 promises of Allah to the believers
Anwar al-Awlaki

! If these promises dont happen, there's something wrong with our eeman.

:: No one will enter Jannah except for the mercy of Allah(Hadis)
one moment in jannah is sufficient to make one forgets all the sufferings in this world
jahannam makes one forgets all the enjoyments in the dunya
jannah is way above any imagination and our languages will fail to explain the jannah
the lowest level in jannah-a person in it owns 10 times of earth and its contents

2- Life
::eeman will come in the day of judgement by the form of life
life that will enable us to cross the siraat and reach jannah

3-Allah's company
::be mindful of Allah and Allah will be mindful of you
get to know Allah in the moment of ease, Allah will remember you in the moment of difficulty

4- Allah's grace
::Allah is full of grace to those who believe
Allah gives us more than we've worked for

5-Allah's protection
::a believer has Allah as his protector
we dont need the protection of others

6-Allah's mercy
::the mercy of Allah is the greatest(ar-raheem)..
it's at a different level than human mercy- it's at the peak of mercy
Allah has distributed the mercy to 100 portions. He gave 1 portion and spread it thru the world.That's the mercy a mother has for her child.
and He kept 99 portions with Him.

7- Victory

to be continued...

sometimes we want something for ourselves, something good
but maybe its just what we thought
Allah knows better than we do
and gives only what's best for us
so, pray and seek help
may Allah guide us thru this life and the next

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