Saturday, February 23, 2008


imagine baking a cake - but one simply puts all of the ingredients together in a bowl(a.k.a campak je takyah gaul): flour, eggs, water, cooking oil, and sugar, without mixing them properly. What will happen to the 'mixture' once it's baked in the oven? will it turn out to be a delicious cake' yang menjadi'?

this morning, i read the instruction on making pancake. it says that do not overmix as overmixing will toughen the pancakes.stop as soon as the lump disappears.

what do I learn from baking cakes and cooking in the kitchen?
Simply follow the instructions and I'll be good. Having knowledge of doing something will help tremendously.

How do I apply these cooking rules in other areas in my life?
Simply follow all of Allah's instructions properly, get as much ilm as possible and practice it, and I'll be safe, inshaAllah...

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