Saturday, March 29, 2008


A man wishes that he could do 3 things:
1- To be able to make sujood(prostrate - sujud)
2- To be able to lift a page of the Qur'an
3- To be able to hug his mother

You might ask, why did he wanted to do these? Arent those are very simple to do? Just go ahead and make sujood, and take the Qur'an and lift a page, and go to his mother and hug her!

However, this man is not able to do those three things. He is paralyzed from the neck down! He is unable to move except his head, blinking his eyes, lips, and tongue. He cannot move anything else even his fingers. He regretted that during his healthy time, he didn't perform the prayer(solah) and he didn't read the Qur'an.

Now, let us ponder upon this true story. For healthy people like most of us, those three things are very simple to do. They just require little efforts. Because of this, many of us often taken our health for granted. Many people do not pray, they do not prostrate in front of Allah. Lots of people do not read the Qur'an, not even touch it let alone lifting a page of it. and lots of people still have the chance and time to hug their mothers, fathers, siblings, and children, but they never do that.

Do we ever think that these blessings of health and perfect limbs could be taken away at any time? That, we are susceptible to injuries and accidents that might change our lives forever? That we might not be able to make sujood anymore due to illness? That we might not be able to move our hands, our fingers, and hence will not be able to lift anything by ourselves, including the pages of Qur'an? That one day, we might not be able to hug anyone anymore including our moms?

Sure we dont know, but Allah knows. Let's thank Allah for all the blessings we'd been given. Let's perform our duties to Allah while we still have the chance and time.

Lastly, the man said, "You feel grieve seeing me in this condition, but people didn't feel grieve while they saw me not praying(when I was healthy)"

That's another point to ponder~ what is the source of our happiness and grieve these days?

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