Thursday, March 13, 2008


so much things happened, but not all could be written
it was simply because some better left unspoken while others were shared

Sometimes, they were not too easy to put into words
and as time goes by, they were buried in memories in unwritten thoughts

Sometimes, the times were just not there
For the events to be recorded in words
or the times were just not appropriate
For other things need to be done first


bintNaim said...

yeah... sometimes I just wish there is a mind writer machine exists. whenever i have,good thoughts that i would like to share and record i just wish there are something like the mind-writer-machine would do. ehehe..... just my imagination! =P. when this machine writes, it stores all the data that came across my mind ahahah.... would it be wonderful?

Umm Hajar said...

ahaha then it would write down EVERYTHING that crosses our would be dangerous though.unless u would not mind others knowing all the personal thoughts LOL =)