Friday, October 01, 2010


what about my PhD? Next week will be my proposal presentation.

I wonder if we've ever done proposal presentations in front of Allaah before we 'went' into this dunya? All I know is we have testified that Allaah is the Rabb, Lord of the worlds.

However, I do know that we are going to do 'viva presentation' in front of Allaah in order to answer and 'defend' our life's theses.

Most grad students will be very nervous and prepare well for their presentations, be it a proposal presentation or a viva, but do we as humans, are well aware and prepare at our best for our final and crucial 'presentation' in front of God(where it's not us who'll do the talking but our records?)?

I wonder..., and I pray to Allaah that I have used and will use my time on this world wisely to be prepared for the 'grand presentation.'

p/s: if we pass a viva, then we'll get our PhDs, and if we pass the grand presentation. we'll get entrance to Jannah! How cool is that?

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