Tuesday, June 07, 2011


orang kata, Beginners are plenty, but only a few reach the finishing line!
Feels like a slap on the face for me who is definitely in the midst of struggling to keep my head in the game, and even 'dreaming' of quitting the challenge! I am causing myself confusion and delay!(should I add trouble to that?)

Feeling like writing a motivational book for myself and other postgraduate students to keep on the track and stay alive for the next years to come! Ahah, but surely I have to survive the postgraduate years myself, first inshaAllaah. It will be full off guides for identifying the motivation, keeping it high, and maintaining it throughout life!

I am having confusion over my goals and the have(or must?)-to-do things. I am tied with my institution, my dream, and other personal commitments, yet I want to be free to do things I really like doing like staying at home taking care of my family, visiting my parents without worrying about finishing my PhD, etc. Sounds lame!

I have surfed through the internet and found that my problem is a universal one. Most postgrads will have doubts over their abilities and their motivation at some point during their postgrad studies.Most PhD students will waste their first year in confusion and they definitely will regret wasting that first year(and I am sure I am falling into their shoes!)
Oh wait, that means I am a 'nomal' postgrad student!(I think 'normal' sounds better than 'average' LOL)

Okay, by reading down until this line you might already have the idea of how my 'head' is doing right now. Yup, I am thinking and worrying much about my studies and I am tying myself with my own laziness, procrastination, and endless excuses(they have became huge and complicated these days)

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