Thursday, July 12, 2012

A day in HKL

Had cauterization done on a pyogenic granuloma on my thumb today :(

Hats off!
MashaAllaah very efficient and excellent service :)
Jazakillaahu khayr Dr. Zira, the specialist at HKL's dermatology department who was superb.
I had this negative perception about services at public hospitals: slow, inefficient, rude staffs, super long que and waiting, yada yada yada.

Alhamdulillaah, today all those negative stereotypes were proven false for HKL.

Registration was done in less than 20 minutes despite hundreds of patients in the hall. Then, waiting time to be seen by a MO was less than half an hour(to my surprise! mashaAllaah). After seeing my condition, the MO wrote a letter to the dermatologist department so that I could be seen by a specialist as my case was a rare skin condition. We immediately went to the Dermatology Department, handed the letter and was told to come back at 2pm as it was already 1+pm(lunch hour). So, we went to the cafe to grab some lunch and went to the surau for Zuhr(okay, the surau was a bit far at the 4th level and couldn't be easily located. alHamdulillah we found it after abah asked around and a nice staff walked with us and showed where the surau was as he was heading towards the same direction).

Back to the Dermatology Department at 200pm. Was called to see a doctor at 220pm. The doctor examined my thumb, wrote all the necessary info for medical record. Then, I waited for about 10 minutes for Dr.Zira to confirm the diagnosis and what to do next.

In between waiting, I breastfed Sarah, who was very nice the whole day. No crying whatsoever, she was just sleeping soundly alHamdulillaah.

Dr. Zira came, confirm that it was a benign pyogenic granuloma. Common among pregnant ladies at sites that had been injured before, and yes mine was developed when I was 8 months pregnant with Sarah and I believed that the spot was pricked by a needle some years ago, and it left a tiny small red spot there.

It was due to hormonal changes in pregnant women causing tissue overgrowth. Yup, mine was a red, lobulated lump on my right thumb. A few millimeters in size. Lots of blood vessels and it bleeds easily. Lots of blood each time, yuckie and scarry!

Okay, so Dr. Zira said she was going to cauterized the lump herself and the tissue will be sent for biopsy. The cutting and cauterization was done on the same day, alHamdulillaah, as the waiting time for cautery and biopsy normally would take from weeks to months due to lots of patients in the line. As my case was on a prominent limb, thumb-right hand, the granuloma can be injured and bleed easily. Hence, Increasing the risk of infection. I was very relieved because the lump was very irritating. I had to be extremely careful not to bump it into another objects or it would bleed.

I went to the cautery room, got my thumb anesthetized(a bit painful uhuhuhu..and lots of blood). I didnt watch as the doctor cut & cauterized the lump as I closed my eyes throughout the entire procedure...seram lorr...I was shivering a bit too). When I opened my eyes, the area was cleaned and left with a small 'black hole.' Sakit jugak lorr as the bius went away.uhuhuh.

this was before HKL :(

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