Saturday, October 02, 2004

It is cold out there
It is cold inside
I am going nowhere
Sitting here finishing my lines

I was thinking of having the perfect planner of my day
What was the best time to play soccer
Where was the best spot to play
When would the field become available

So I've waited till afternoon
When I was going to kick the ball
Oh no, there were people over there
Guess I had to wait

So I've waited till sunset
I was running excitedly to the field
Oh no, people were still playing there
Perhaps I would wait a little bit more

It was now past midnight
and guess what?
I was still waiting and
Yeah! the people were all now gone
I called my friends
Let's us play!

I was running
Playing and kicking the ball
It was now past two in the morning
It was cold out here
It was cold inside

Guess what
I have the best planner for my soccer practice
No matter what it takes

Guess What
I never thought that I was going to be very exhausted
of planning, and waiting, and playing soccer
and I forgot to include the best planner on how to get up early in the morning
to pray fajr

Guess what
I just got up
and I've missed another fajr prayer

It is cold out there
It is cold inside

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