Thursday, February 28, 2008


i am not a politician, nor I know much about politics
but I am a registered voter and am eligible to vote

I am a citizen and have my voice
Though I am only a person whose vote doesn't have humongous effect
but thousands of people whose decision is the same like mine
do have the strength to change a country's look

dont feel like your vote wont make any difference
Dont just sit and watch people cast their ballots
Dont just go with the flow

Observe and think
Read and be informed
Choose intellectually
Not just emotionally
It's our responsibility
Not to be taken lightly

1 comment:

bintNaim said... be honest, I hate politics! but I must do it because it is a huge responsibility on my shoulders. It might be that the whole country is depending on our votes! May Allah s.w.t guide us towards His PATH! And may HE grants us FORGIVENESS! Ameen