Monday, February 11, 2008


I should be doing my Matlab assignment right now, but I would like to set aside a few minutes for my shukr to Allah and an appreciation to my visitors by writing some thoughts that came into my mind earlier this morning.

I was busy cleaning up Adam while 'talking' to Hajar, when suddenly I thought of how wonderful the parents-children relationship is. I am responsible for my kids' upbringing and making sure they fully understand their main objective in this world, that is to serve and to please The Creator, Allah Azzawajall. While the children in return, should be treating their parents with kindness and respect. This is just a simple relationship that I immediately thought of, but I believe the parents-children relationship is more complex and includes many more things. Maybe you guys should be thinking about them.

Anyway, what happen if a child claims that (s)he loves his/her parents, but does not practice the religion(Islam)? How would a child make dua and pray for his/her parents once the parents have passed away? Do the child really loves and cares about her/his parents if (s)he does not even care to pray and make dua to Allah?

How many people think that they are the greatest child in the world, and that their parents are the most luckiest parents?

How many people think that being good to parents in this dunya is enough to prove their love towards parents, while they ignore the responsibilities as servants of Allah at the same time?

Do people even think of showing continuous love to their parents by respecting and treating their parents well, staying in obedience to Allah, making lots of dua for their parents during their lives and after?

How many people are blinded by love through materials only?


bintNaim said...

come to think about it, the relationship is quite complex! =D imagine if parents fail to fulfill their responsibilities that is to teach their children with Islam, indeed part of the responsibilities lies with the parents. but hey, nur is from Allah, no matter how much we as a parent or child try to fulfill our responsibilities, Allah is the One who rewards or punished us with what we do. My say will be to put the first things first. And the first thing is Allah. InshaAllah, if our goal in this life is clear, our relationship with anyone,be it children or parents will follow the way that Allah has provide us in Quran and Sunnah. allahu 'alam

Anonymous said...

whatever it is, we should try our best first before leaving all matters to Allah.