Monday, August 09, 2010


Alhamdulillaah, what a blessing I have, been blessed with beautiful ukhuwwah from my sisters around me. We've gathered and discussed about things that inshaAllaah, will bring us closer to Allaah azzawajall.

For the love of knowledge, we have came and worked together, may Allaah accept it from us and make us steadfast on this effort. Allaahumma ameen.

I admire the sisters & the students of knowledge: their spirit, their ideas, their sacrifices, their sisterhood, their smiles, their words, their courage. BarakAllaahu fikum.

Alhamdulillaah, these things:ukhuwwah and knowledge craving that we dearly miss from our youth, are coming back to us, and Allaah alone who listen and answer His servants, Allaahu akbar.


Muhammad Hisham Azraq said...

Wonderful comment
Thank you sister for such beautiful words
Allah bless you, Ramadhan Mubarak incha a'llah

Muhammad Hisham Azraq said...

Thank you sister for your beautiful words, may Allah bless you.
Ramadhan Mubarak incha a'llah