Friday, August 06, 2010


Went for the 'Kuliah' sisters during Friday lunch break, Alhamdulillaah, not only I got to listen to beautiful reminders about Ramadhan, also got complimentary lunch and a Ramadhan souvenier: a box of dates!!!

-spread the good news of Ramadhan: with greetings like Ahlan ya Ramadhan, Ramadhan mubarak, etc
-give as much as we can afford during Ramadhan:why not give 'duit raya' in the month of Ramadhan, prior to Syawal ;)
-mmm should add more, but will recall later if possible, inshaAllaah

Jazakumullaahu khayr, thanks a lot especially to Prof Zailina and Ustazah Hamidah.

BarakAllaahu fikum.

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