Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It is on us
of what we did

we've been given the freedom to choose
with sound intellect to be used
so should be wise are our decisions

we love our freedom
we use it to the max as we could
we hold great pride for our intellectuality
yet we use logic the most with little reference to Allaah,
He who knows the movements of even every particles of dust?

Islam is simple
yet we want to simplify it even more
Think we know how to handle things with best
so who is better, us or the Prophet, Peace and Blessings be Upon him?
who is smarter, us or our Creator?
Do really 'simpler' always means better?

Think my friend,
Let us think
Let us remember
Let us reflect
Let us go back
That we are created only to worship our Creator
The One and Only
When He told us to do so, we should just do
He created rules to be obeyed,
He gives things that we can carry on our shoulders,
Readily simple and clear,
and our lives will be at best

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