Friday, April 22, 2011


ALhamdulillaah my lovelyloved ones are doing great. They are unique as individuals in their own ways.

Hajar as usual, loves drawing, coloring, and writing. She knows how to write her name and her siblings' names. She knows how to write her name both in all upper letters and the proper way: Capital H, and the rest small letters. MashaAllaah, she has a bright talent in art. She also loves helping ibu cleaning and tidying the home. Usually, she will put all the toys and clutters aside before going to bed.

Adam as usual, very playful and adorable. He loves seeking attention and approval from people around him. He is also a very concern brother to his little sister. He was the first child to wake up in the morning and would sit sleepily on the couches. Later on, when ibu was upstairs ironing clothes and when Maryam wake up crying looking for ibu, Adam will hold Maryam's hand and take her through the steps going upstairs carefully. MashaAllaah, ibu love the scene very much.

Our lil girl Maryam is learning to make sentences. She can now speak clearer than before. Her sentences are understandable however short they are. Maryam can also sing her song of everybody 'tido' when she was the only one who still awake when everyone else was fast asleep :).

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