Monday, December 13, 2004

Betapa mudahnya utk hilang fokus terhadap sesuatu

-tadi, logged 0n to campus mail untuk check email TA for time and venue of the final review. Then, masa dah logged in, nampak banyak sangat junk mails. So, perused through the emails before deleting them, just to make sure I would not delete any 'serious emails' that were sent by 'real people' whom I knew. Alhamdulillah, I've deleted the junk emails, and signed out.

Erm, ... did I forget something?
Yeah, I didnt even look for my TA's email regarding the review. I totally forgot about it after being 'preoccupied' for a few seconds with the junk emails.

Erm ... any thoughts?
Try to relate this situation with our daily lives as 'ibaadullah.
How easy it is to forget our real intentions are. In a matter of seconds, we might forget who we are and what are we supposed to do ......

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