Saturday, December 18, 2004

:: Work harder! Let's compete for the Hereafter! ::

~Competition of the Hereafter : open, unlimited (because of the mercy of Allah azzawajall)
[competition of the dunya - only one of the two parties will get rewarded and this causes animosity]

Love of Ibadah : do it a lot!
Fasting is about the state of the heart someone is in
Solat (qiyamullail) will be rewarded on (one of them) how tired a person is ..
->Be thankful, use the ni'mah of Allah to gain the pleasure of Allah

Kisah : a boy (ghulam) who told the king how to kill him,"Take an arrow from my quiver and shot the arrow by saying, By the name of the God of this boy,"
->The boy didn't told the king to kill him out of nothing, it was for all the people to embrace Islam.

Jannah is after striving. Why are we not striving for the matter of the religion?
::many people sold their souls for a very low price of this dunya

Always refer to the Quran for guidance
:: If not, who is going to guide us?

~to be able to pray five times a day is great jihad

[notes from tazkirah by Imam Ibrahim at Uqbah Mosque, ramadhan 1425AH]

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