Wednesday, December 22, 2004

:: Fall and cover the world! ::

Snow is falling heavily outside. It's gonna be white all over again. I am enjoying the winter season.

MashaAllah, it is very beautiful with the snow everywhere, the earth looks very pure, clean, and calm. Subhanallah, it took just seconds for Allah to cover the entire place with snow. It is just beautiful, and undescribable with words!

Today gonna be nice-inshaAllah-even without the sun. It's snowing and it's just -1 degree C. It's not very cold. This means we can go out enjoying the falling snow. The past few days had been very cold and prevented people from going out. Most people prefer to stay warm at home rather than walking under the falling snow and fast,freezing blowing wind.

The snow, is one of the signs of the greatness of Allah. It's a beautiful creation, though not the entire world is blessed with it. Allah knows best the reasons behind His creations.

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