Sunday, January 02, 2005

:: Wash, wash and go away~ ::

Here I am

In the Murray Hill SpeedWash Laundry
Waiting for the final spin
Of the washing machine

How long would we wait
Before our clothes piled up
Before we have no clean shirts left
Before we decide it's time to do the laundry

What's the total weight of our clothes
That we have to carry to the laundry
Often times it's very-very heavy
Making laundry is not that easy

Let's reflect and relate
How long would we wait
for our sins to pile up
before we were left with no way out
before we decide it's time to repent

Do we find it's easy
To 'wash' out all the sins
After so long
that the stains won't go away
Would it take just few minutes
and few drops of tears?

Taubah is not that easy
if we procrastinate
Sins are not the like of our shirts
that we can throw into the washing machine to be cleaned
Sins are to stay in the 'basket' of our hearts
Leaving black dots and scars everywhere

Let's do our 'laundry' now!!

Jan 2nd, 2005
Murray Hill SpeedWash

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