Friday, March 10, 2006


Everyday I Woke Up
It's another brand new day
To the bathroom I went
Ablution I performed

Facing the Qiblah
Stood straight and proclaimed, Allah is The Greatest
To the Lord I prayed

It's a beautiful dawn
I praised my Lord
I begged for His endless forgiveness
For His Mercy is my aim

Everyday I woke up
Another day I live
More chances for good deeds
More rooms for repentance

O Allah
Please accept from your servant
Make it easy for us
To live by Your Words
To die in Your Forgiveness

1 comment:

adda said...

bismillah.....ehe,semalam dah mashaAllah, hari ni subhanallah pulak la ye. Subhanallah! Beautiful! Poem eh? It rhymes =). Allah does grant u very bright ideas!