Friday, March 10, 2006


I wonder where this life is leading me to?
Some people live to please others: parents, spouse, friends, teachers, employers, government, humanity, etc
Some live for themselves: lots of money, big houses, luxury cars, recognition, power, etc
Some don't even know why they wake up everyday and for what do they live
I wonder which group I fall into

I am a muslim
whose life should be solely because of God and for Him
whose purpose of life is to be His loyal servant
whose deeds everyday are to please Him

May I will be able to live my life
To the fullest potential of a human being
Serving my Lord endlessly
Every moment, everyday
To the last of my breath
To live and to die as a Mukmin

To live and to die as a Mukmin
To be resurrected with a Qalbun Saleem
Allahumma Ameen...

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